Tuesday 17 December 2019

We do not recognise the authority of Mnangagwa and Zanu pf

 By Sindile Ncube

When I look at the old men who rule Zimbabwe I find nothing relatable about them, I see no warmth and no kindness towards the general public. I see no creativity, no entrepreneurial spirit, and no forward thinking that takes into consideration the youth of Zimbabwe. What I see are continuous and intentional human rights abuses by these men.

Mnangagwa is almost 80 years old, his stake in the future is short lived, but the damage he is leaving could last half a century. One would have thought at his age he would be attempting to correct the damage his party has done to the country, but alas, he is adding more calamities to that list at an unprecedented rate. At his age he should be imparting wisdom youth but he is bereft of both wisdom and warmth. He is the worst granddad anyone can have. If HELL had a face it would look like him. The man oozes coldness and cruelty. He says he is as soft as wool, but we all know that is a lie. There is nothing soft about him. And that scarf he wears everywhere is the biggest national embarrassment, second only to Zimbabwe's sewage systems. To think the future of us youth lies in the crusty hands of this monster makes me shudder with fear. What did we do to deserve this? He has no regard for human life old or young. He has no plans for our future. He continues to torture our families and fellow citizens for his own ends.

In the light of this, those of us MDC Youth in the UK do not recognise Mnangagwa and his government. He is not our President, he is our abuser. As a way to show our dissent against his authority, we will continue to demonstrate against his regime and it’s human rights abuses - the murders, the abductions and the arrest of MDC members. We are going to make it our business to picket the pathetic emissaries he sends over here to the UK with a begging bowl. I urge all Zimbabwean youth in the diaspora to share intelligence on their whereabouts, and then organise and demonstrate against the wretched men. We need to make it clear to them that we do not recognise their authority. Moreover, as human rights abusers, they need to be stand trial at The Hague.