Tuesday 25 August 2020

Something needs to be done about Nick Mangwana

Something really needs to be done about Nick Mangwana

Honestly, something really needs to be done about Nick Mangwana. In this article, I try to provide a few ideas on how to put this loudmouth in his place. For someone who is a newcomer to Zimbabwean politics, we are allowing Nick Mangwana to get away with a lot in such a short space of time.  Aaakutijairira manje, Sesijayela kubi manje.

This is someone who is not even a war veteran, he came into Zanu ‘yesterday'. He doesn’t have the muscle.

Nick Mangwana
He is not a soldier and neither does he have a violent korokoza background, he probably doesn’t even have bodyguards, and if he did they probably don’t like him. So why are we allowing ourselves to be taken the micky out of by a very disposable member of this Zanu regime? I have still not got my head around his exaggerated self confidence. The way he defends the evil Zanu party is something that should be of great interest to the International Criminal Court as well as to psychiatrists. And the irony of it all is that Nick used to work as a mental health nurse in the UK. Even his brother, Paul (the one with teeth like a hippo) is not as defensive of Zanu as he is.  

What should be done?
Nick needs to experience deprivation like the many Zimbabweans who are suffering at the hands of his masters. Nick needs to know what it feels like to lose what is close and dear to you. The first thing that needs to happen is a revocation of his British Citizenship. I am not a lawyer myself but I am sure there are many intelligent lawyers out there who can find an angle on this. For example, Nick Mangwana is defending a regime that is carrying out systematic  human rights abuses and state sanctioned murders. Not only that, but he is doing everything in his power to mislead, confuse, facilitate and promote these human rights abuses. When people are abducted, arrested, or murdered by the Zanu government, Nick comes out like a bull defending these acts using denial and various other tactics. He is essentially, the  Joseph Goebbels of this regime. Those in the UK need to keep putting pressure on the UK authorities to take away his British Citizenship. We know it is something that is part of his exit plan when the Zanu regime eventually ejects him.

The second thing that needs to happen is that Nick should be put on the sanctions list including a travel ban into the places he loves like the UK and the EU. In the meantime, if he happens to come into the UK like he did last year when he accompanied that Mnangagwa importer (SB Moyo -the coup announcer) a citizen's arrest is warranted and will happen. We are already mobilising towards this. I say ‘Mnangagwa imposter' because SB Moyo's speeches are just as boring and dry as those made by Dambudzo, and both men are where they are not because of intelligence, grace or popularity but because of violence. It also turned out that SB Moyo is a coward because when he was confronted by the protesters outside Chatham House in London,  he ran away like a tuck-shop cigarette thief. I was there but that’s story for another day.

Thirdly, Nick's life up and about in Zimbabwe should be filled with paranoia and inconvenience. There are a number of things those in Zimbabwe fed up with this man can do to achieve this. For example, if you work in a restaurant and Nick orders some food, you could add a bit of extra 'matter' to his food to improve the flavouring. If you see his car parked outside, it’s quite justifiable to put some political or personal graffiti around the state funded motor. If he has any small houses around, let’s expose that including with visual imagery. If you have any evidence that gets him in trouble with his masters share it on social media. Nick needs to know how it feels to sleep with one eye open. Lets hasten his eventual residency at Chikurubi prison, we all know that's where he is going to end up if he is lucky.

To sum up, we cannot allow this human skid mark to mock us in a very obvious way. The time has come now to do something about Nick Mangwana. If we cannot bring considerable inconvenience to this idiot then we have no chance against the gun carrying junta.


Sindile Ncube

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Gen Chiwenga gets moved sideways?

With this appointment, Mnangagwa is plotting Chiwenga's public downfall

Everyone who is normal is reacting with shock and disgust at Mnangagwa's appointment of Chiwenga as the Minister of Health and Childcare. Everyone including those who are not normal will be aware that Chiwenga is not well  which is why he is always on the plane to China or South Africa for treatment. Zimbabwe right now is hopelessly facing the Coronavirus and many are dying. So when Mnangagwa, a man who is famous for bringing suffering to human beings, appoints a sick man to be Minister of Health and Childcare, there is something sinister about it. One of the reasons could be a simple one – Mnangagwa wants to appoint someone absent to be Minister of Health and Childcare at a time the country is facing a serious health crisis so that more and more people die. To put it simply, Mnangagwa is appointing 'no one' to be in charge of health so that many more people die, because he just doesn’t care about Zimbabwean lives.

Ret. Gen. Chewenga is not a well man
But when you talk to the learned political people some are saying something less sinister is happening. They say Mnangagwa has made this appointment as way of forcing Chiwenga to come back from China or stop going to China. The reasons for this are two; to keep Chiwenga away from the China where he plotted the coup that removed Mugabe in 2017, and to make sure he stays longer in Zimbabwe and eventually dies from a lack of treatment.

Others are saying Mnangagwa is trying to throw a live snake at Chiwenga in order to humiliate him and make him less popular. This of course is based on rumours that Chiwenga has a faction that wants to remove Mnangagwa. Some are saying the longer Chiwenga stays in Zimbabwe the higher the risk of his death because he needs specialist treatment which cannot be found in Zimbabwe.

To sum up, I personally think Mnangagwa has made this appointment for two reasons:
  1.  To force Chiwenga to come back from China or wherever he is so that he eventually falls sick in Zimbabwe, receives treatment in the country, and inevitably dies
  2.   By putting Chiwenga in charge of the biggest health crisis in Zimbabwe's history, Mnangagwa would be completely destroying the small amount of popularity that Chiwenga has which the generari is hoping to use when carrying out another coup.

Whatever the case is, both men are awful human beings who have ruined our country and because of that,  #Zanupfmustgo because #Zimbabweanlivesmatter


Sindile Ncube

Monday 3 August 2020

31st July Disaspora Demonstrations London and Manchester

Zimbabwean Human Rights Organisation [ZHRO] Members joined other Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to take part in a peaceful planned demonstration at the Zimbabwean Embassy, at 429, The Strand, London on Friday 31st July 2020. Taking a stand against Looting, Corruption, Government brutality and the appalling living conditions which the ordinary Zimbabwean is made to endure on a daily basis.

An attempt for a peaceful protest was thwarted as most cities were under military surveillance, arresting brave government critics, which took most citizens down memory lane to the Mugabe era and August 2018 army shootings.

Although the citizen’s voices had been silenced by a tyranny in the capital of Harare, the diaspora stood in solidarity with brothers and sister in Zimbabwe, as people gathered in different locations globally. In Namibia a group of marched to the Zimbabwe High Commission in Windhoek.

The planning of the London demonstration was by the grassroots and the setting up of banners was a collective effort by ZHRO and Vuka group. These two human rights organisations have played a pivotal role in the fight for human rights for Zimbabweans. The Zimbabwean Embassy in London is not a new site for such protests organised by the two Human rights groups. Fighting against injustice in the Mugabe era and three years down the line in Under Mnangagwa’s Regime.

ZHRO was also present in a local demonstration in Manchester so that our northern members did not need to travel so far [Leeds and Manchester Branches]

Mr Mnangagwa took power on the premise of change from the old way of governing. The political landscape in Zimbabwe has a taken a sharp U-turn into the old Authoritarian and repressive rule under Mnangagwa’s rule. Looting of the country’s resources which was put to light by Mr Magayisa and Mr Hopewell Chin’ono, Corruption which has not been stamped out as we still see the upper echelon of the political group walking scot free, economically the situation in the country plummeting and unemployment which is rampant. Citizens hoped to hold mass rallies throughout country on Friday, in response to the mismanagement of the country.
The Zimbabwean Police and Army deployed personnel into major cities to clamp down such protesters. Those who managed to gather were detained and kept in Police custody, the like of Tsitsi Dangarembwa and Fadzai Mahere.

“The Mugabe era was characterised by Human rights violation; the new dispensation has gone from bad to worse “Said Sindiso Ncube. “With the way the country is being governed Citizens are afraid to protest, which should be everyone’s constitutional right, because the soldiers are not hesitant to shoot unarmed protestors on the street.

Godard Thabani Bvungidzire

Exposing Corruption and Theft

We have to keep doing what Zanu PF hates i.e  exposing corruption and theft

I am no political strategists, but it seems to me that when Hopewell Chin’ono, Alex Magaisa and many other brave men and women of Zimbabwe exposed corruption by Zanu, the party got into panic mode.

They really hate it when their business gets exposed for the filth that it is. It maybe a coincidence, but ever since the revelations about corruption gained steam amongst Zimbabweans, Zanu PF has been experiencing levels of discontent within its ranks. We hear and read stories about how the leadership have been pointing fingers of blame at each other.  In the midst of that at least two of the big fish died in unclear circumstances!

This is why I think people like me and you who want democracy, justice and ending corruption in Zimbabwe should keep digging for more information about the theft of our money. And the #paybackthemoney needs to continue. Many will agree that anything that causes discord in Zanu PF is a positive thing. So let’s keep on inconveniencing them with these corruption exposés.

This time I really think we need to focus even more on the alpha and omega of corruption in Zimbabwe, the thief in chief, the man who cannot help himself but steal steal steal. I am talking about Mnangagwa himself, of course. We need to dig up his files. Actually, there are so many reports and evidence about his thieving activities, it’s not so much digging up but taking swabs at the surface because his wrinkly hands are all over everything, from mining, banking and probably pimping.
Another one is SB Moyo, the coup announcer, the one who ran away from in London when we tried to have a word with him outside Chatham House, London. 

Let’s keep putting these expose's out please. Let’s not lose heart. The fight is on!


Sindile Ncube