Wednesday 24 November 2021

Public Abuse of Mary Chiwenga

I am appalled by the public humiliation of Mary Chiwenga over a domestic matter. The allegations begun in 2019 after there was a rumour, she was divorcing Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. She was arrested on charges of money laundering, disconnecting medical equipment attached to Vice President, fraud and violating exchange control regulations charges she denied. She was a scapegoat to Emmerson Mnangagwa pledge to eradicate corruption.

Mary was further arrested in 2020 over alleged assault of family maid, Delight Munyoro following an altercation over children's custody at Hellenics School in Borrowdale. She was barred from accessing her children. Mary Chiwenga won her High Court appeal for custody of the couple's three minors and access to their matrimonial home, but VP Chiwenga filed a notice of appeal at the Supreme Court so that his case can be dealt with urgency.

Mary was dragged to court in 2020 on a stretcher bed. She had her passport surrendered to the courts denying her access to medical equipment while the Vice President flies private jet abroad for check-ups. Mary’s arm bore lesions and were severely swollen, could barely raise her head.

Mary made a heartfelt address stating how the Vice President had hired hitman and that he is after her blood in court. She appealed to the public for assistance stating among reasons she was being denied access to her children and being denied access to her bank accounts. She stated how she was tormented and harassed by people continuously following her, her cars bugged, her parents being followed and anyone assisting her was beaten up. She accused the Vice President of using opioids and Vice Health Minister making them unfit for office.

Mary was further remanded in prison without trial in 2021 as it took more that 15 months for the state to close its matter. Mary was arrested before a full investigation had been completed. The case highlights how judiciary and executive are inter-twined there by absents of rule of law. Mary was denied access to health care a basic human right. Mubaiwa is worried with her bail conditions to surrender her passport which have resulted in her failing to travel to South Africa. She needs urgent treatment after she was diagnosed with severe lymphoedema which has caused gross swelling of both hands and feet” and “large open wounds on both arms with some degree of granulation.

Lazini Ncube at the Harare Magistrate court detained Mary for 10 days awaiting medical examinations by two medical doctors. The High suspended the decision calling it, capricious” and “arbitrary”. This just shows the conflict of interest between the rule of law and Executive influenced decisions.
 I am upset how this has been accepted as normal and gone unchallenged. The Zimbabwean feminists have been quite about it and failed to stand up for Mary. Linda Masarira leader of the Lead opposition party had the audacity to come out in public saying Mary Chiwenga deserved what she got. The lack of empathy and compassion is worrying as a woman. If Mary has done wrong, she deserves to be dealt with in court without the influence of the Vice President as a weapon to make her suffer. 

Researched and written by Mercy Netsai GOMO

Tuesday 23 November 2021

41 Years Ago in Zimbabwe

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Harare was the Sunshine City of Africa

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Many could not believe Harare was in Africa

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Citizens living in cities did not know anything about boreholes

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Citizens living in the cities did not have any idea of sewage sites

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Our Hospitals were the best in Africa and compare favourably to those in Europe & America

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
All cities had running clean water

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We did not have potholes

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We did not have load shedding

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had a well-established formal sector

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had the best urban commuter transport system in Africa

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We did not have kombis for public transport

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had CSC supplying the who country with quality economic beef

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had Dairy Marketing Board supplying the whole country with fresh milk

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We Grain Marketing Board supplying the whole country with maize and mealie meal

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had functional NRZ providing daily train service between Harare and Bulawayo and also Harare and Mutare

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had an efficient rural transport system dominated by enterprising black businessmen. These included Matambanadzo, Ngonidzaishe, Ruredzo, Nyamweda, BNC, Modern, Mucheche, Mverechena and many others.

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had functional rural how established by missionaries with readily available ambulance services ferrying the sick for free.

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had functional rural council clinics

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had organized private taxis operated by very disciplined staff, remember Rixi, A1 and Creamline

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Bulawayo's Belmont industries was the industrial hub of Zimbabwe with an advanced industrial infrastructure in second only to South Africa.

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had an enterprising manufacturing sector with comprised of a vibrant textile industry

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had a medium size national airline which had 16 commercial planes plying both local and regional routes with efficiency.

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had an established pension schemes which provided retiring citizens with deserving comfort upon reaching retirement age

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Teachers had dignity amongst the community and were role models for everyone.

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
The Government gave doctors and nurses Respect and dignity they deserve by talking good care of them

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Education was a surety to a successful profession and a stable life

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We did not have inflation

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Zimbabwean had a strong currency with our Zimbabwean dollar being stronger than the US dollar with a stable exchange rate of 1 ZWD = 2 USD

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Everyone was assured of a well-paying job after school

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Everyone from all corners of the world wanted to be in our country. Our neighbours continued to come to work and live in our countries and those from the North also did the same.

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had no fuel queues

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We had no bank queues

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
Everyone could eat bread for breakfast and everyone could eat beef everyday

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
We were not paying for tertiary education, be it nursing, teaching, apprenticeships, polytechnic or University, the state paid.

"41 YEAR’s ᴀɢᴏ"
There were no state sponsored abductions and disappearances.

"41 YEAR’S ᴀɢᴏ"
There were plenty of jobs in the cities, actually the industries were not just understaffed but  had surplus of vacancies. Everyone would be employed any day any time, it was just a matter of knocking on the company gate.

My fellow citizens, 41 years ago an elite greedy minority group took over an orderly functional country with an enterprising growing economy. These are hard ғᴀᴄᴛs ғᴏʀ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ's ʟɪғᴇ. 41yrs ago was 1980, all this taken away from us.

As forwarded by Beverley Mutandiro

Monday 22 November 2021

Gender equality in Zimbabwe

Pubished in The Star Early Edition 27 Oct 2021

ZIMBABWEAN women’s lives matter. They have the ability to achieve similar goals to men.

I wonder why the Zimbabwean government encourages discrimination towards women, such as in land distribution and ownership, equality or professional recognition and sexual bribery, in Parliament and in the local authorities.

It is sad that the Electoral Act does not include mechanisms to ensure that women are equally represented in the 1,958 wards and also make constitutional provisions for 50/50 representation in parliament and in the local authorities, where they have only 978 seats. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa should open his eyes and see that increasing women’s visibility in politics is beneficial for democratic participation and lowers level of corruption, which restore faith in government and improves government performance.

If he is unable to implement positive changes, then he should hand over to a capable candidate.


Zimbabwe should empower women in politics to lead and govern

The Star Late Edition 15 Nov 2021

WOMEN in politics have shown greater abilities and strength to govern and to lead.

Angela Merkel of Germany, Jacinda Ardern and Tanzanian president Samia Suluhu Hassan are examples of female politicians who are discharging their duties with excellence and success.

It’s frustrating that in Zimbabwe most people have negative attitudes toward women who are politicians particularly the Zimbabwean government.

Women in politics are often treated unfairly and the current government is unwilling to change so that women can join politics without thinking much about the negative sentiments.

Zimbabwean women remain under-represented in leadership roles even though they have demonstrated strong leadership, particularly Fadzayi Mahere, who is the spokesperson for the opposition political party MDC Alliance.

The barriers for women in Zimbabwe to enter the political fields include political party policies, media bias and lack of appreciation that women play crucial roles in Zimbabwean society.

Some women who are from the opposition and activists are harassed, ill-treated and demeaned, which discourages other women to join politics.

The Zanu-PF government has failed to empower women into politics and therefore all women in Zimbabwe should seriously vote out President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2023. 


Zimbabwean prisoners affiliated to MDC Alliance persecuted daily

 As Published in Cape Argus 29 Sep 2021

I AM totally heartbroken and sorrowful of the continued human rights violations in Zimbabwe that are inflicted on anyone who has a different opinion or assumed to be singing different words from the ruling party Zanu-PF led by the clueless, careless and corrupt president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The pro-democracy campaigner and MDC Alliance youth leader Makomborero Haruzivishe has pleaded his innocence of been convicted of inciting public violence by whistling.

He is considered a top criminal hence is being monitored in a maximum-security prison where he is now being strangled (choked) at night by inmates suspected to be the government agents of persecutions.

The Zimbabwe prison system has failed to adhere to its mission statement which include to ensure safety to the prisoners, their constitutional provisions and rights.

There are many prisoners who died in the prisons and no proper investigations were done or efforts to prevent the loss of lives in Zimbabwean prisons.

The world, particularly countries that host massive numbers of Zimbabwean migrants such as South

Africa, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Australia should raise their concerns over the ill-treatments of prisoners affiliated to MDC Alliance party and in this instance of Haruzivishe.

If these countries remain silent about the grave human rights issues in Zimbabwe, they will continue to receive an unprecedented flow of migrants from Zimbabwe.

The world should pile pressure on president Mnangagwa to stop persecuting Makomborero Haruzivishe and other citizens.


Wednesday 17 November 2021


ED Mnangagwa was invited for COP26 visit but did not fully comprehend the purpose of the meeting and faced world-wide resentment due to his gross human rights violations against the people of Zimbabwe. 

Zanu PF UK "Booze Cruise"
It was hypocrisy to address world leaders on climate change when he flew in a private jet. ED’s delegation comprised church leaders and opportunists who had no business there. The President of Zambia Hichilema flew economy with a delegation of two people playing his part in saving the planet.  ED also feared the Air Zimbabwe plane would have been confiscated by debt collectors on arrival.

The Summit was a flop as he addressed an empty hall as nobody was interested in listening to what he had to say. ED did not receive any financial grants to use renewable energy like other African countries. The only fruitful meeting he had with the EU delegation was affirmation that availability of support to Zimbabwe was subject to reforms on human rights violations. Ed was confined to his hotel room and summit parameters despite it being his first visit to Europe in over 25 years and is on individual targeted sanctions.

Scotland demonstration was very peaceful as we were protected by huge friendly Police presence. The demonstration received massive coverage on social media, television and local newspapers. We alerted the whole world about the human rights violations, abductions and torture under ED Mnangagwa leadership. 

ED Mnangagwa has failed to provide necessities, like clean water and sanitation services for the people of Zimbabwe thereby has no contribution at the Climate Change Summit. You must pick up the litter first before you discuss recycling and the Capital City if filthy with piles of rubbish everywhere and running sewage in the streets.

The Government tried to infiltrate our demonstration by sending people like Masimba Mavaza a 'controversial' immigration lawyer who allegedly defrauded Zimbabweans of hundreds of thousands £ of the hard-earned cash. 

He is a clown Zanu P.F fanatic supporter and 'planted' rogue Central Intelligence Officer [CIO] playing politics for the belly at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe suffering under the regime. He targets human rights activists and opposition to silence those speaking against the regime. 

He invaded our protest on a false pretext of freedom to demonstrate; a human right denied to the people of Zimbabwe by the regime he supports. 

The Police denied him to protest among us because of our clashing opinions and the Police 'assisted' him with a walk of shame miles away out of sight. 

The following day he staged his unsuccessful demo with 4 people as nobody supports his cause and was only covered in the local state-controlled newspaper any normal person would never read. 

He was so hurt that he penned an article based on a false narrative, full of hate, green lies, bitterness and a fruitless attempt to derail human rights advocacy. It’s a shame the state has its mouthpiece and puppets as no qualified objective journalists would ever publish such vile narrative.

The regime tried damage limitation after a successful demonstration against Ed Mnangagwa COP26 visit by a failed welcome ceremony. 

The regime offered attendees 2US$, free meal and transport which is the reason they attended; as an average person survives on less than US$5:50 a day so they are coerced. 

The President's public address was embarrassing as he lied to the people of Zimbabwe by playing the bigger man and how U.S.A President and U.K President was keen to re-engage with his government. He published in the local paper the general photos World Leaders pose together to emphasize global unity as a testimony of his engagement in private dialogue one on one with powerful heads.

Zimbabweans arrive in Glasgow to Protest

Our message is clear, stop human rights abuse, engage rule of law, follow the constitution, end the violence, abductions, tortures, provide good governance as demanded in the constitution. 

The Government can spew all types of propaganda, send Pastors to lobby or blame its failures on
sanctions, but until it reforms Zanu PF will always be an outcast. The E.U delegation reiterated the same message to ED Mnangagwa that support is only available if he reforms. Our demonstration was a success and in agreement with the rest of the world.

By Primrose KAVINGA.

Response to Dr Masimba Mavaza

By Vimbai Mamombe

It is very sad that Dr Masimba Mavaza continues to abuse and assault Zimbabwean women in the UK accusing them of not having a mind of their own to make political choices, opening their honey pots to John Burke in their numbers making them morally bankrupt and possibly stupid. 

Zanu PF continues to behave like a four-year-old with a sugar rush and a pistol in their hands indiscreetly shooting themselves in the foot. How does Zanu PF allow a man like Masimba Mavaza to speak on their behalf about the women of Zimbabwe in the diaspora is a complete disgrace. Dr Mavaza has no regard for Zimbabwean women running his mouth to abuse them verbally. 

Zanu PF has been known for years to seek to embarrass men who have opposed them by accusing them of sleeping with women a typical example being the disgraced Catholic Bishop Pius Ncube. His nude pictures were thrown all over the media just to humiliate him for opposing the Zanu PF agenda. 

Of course I will not spend time in this article defending John Burke but what I will highlight and condemn in the strongest terms that the pull factor for women to attend demonstrations is not John Burke’s sleeping habits! John Has opined his own responce here

This is completely absurd and can only come out of a narrow-minded brain and insipid stupidity. Honestly how can the success of the Glasgow protests be attributed to John Burke. By your inference Masimba Mavaza those women who turn up for Zanu PF functions who in your UK circles is bedding them. This is the folly and stupidity of your arguments. 

Masimba Mavaza, people are tired of Zanu PF human rights abuses, corruption, and election rigging. That is why many women turned up to protest in Glasgow. Most women who turned up in Glasgow were not even paid a dime to participate. 

Men like Masimba Mavaza throw such accusations to stop women from entering the political arena. Does being active in a political setting mean that one is being remunerated for it. So how much is an individual being paid to attend Zanu PF functions in the UK if that is the yard stick. Who in Zanu PF is the paymaster?

I am in disbelief that Zanu PF allows such nonsense to be penned on their behalf. 

Zimbabwean women turned up in Glasgow because they believe that Zimbabwe is suffering under the despotic rulership of the Mnangagwa administration. The Zanu PF establishment has turned into a cabal that is eating its own offspring and destroying the inheritance of future generations through maladministration, corruption, and self-serving deals. 

COP26 1st Nov 2021 Zimbabwean Protest

Mr Mavaza how much were you paid to write an article that parades narrow mindedness putting into question your ability to comprehend matters and sadder your attitude towards women. To you are women worthless tools that will do anything for a penny. Are you genuinely Zimbabwean? Please educate yourself about the work ethic of Zimbabwean women their abilities to work and fend for their families. Why are you painting ‘your sisters’, vana vevhu with such a dirty paint brush? Dr Mavaza please mind the Zimbabwean women and show them some respect. The last article you wrote was disgraceful. 

Masimba Mavaza I will refer you to the petition that was delivered to 10 Downing Street on 11/11/21 that is the reason was why many women took money from their own pockets and travelled to Glasgow to reiterate to Mnangagwa that they are not happy with his continued human rights abuse. 

Women from Zimbabwe love their country. 

Defending Mnangagwa is no measure for loving your country. It may show the opposite if one supports a despotic establishment and a president with a horrible human rights record shows that they are equally greedy and corrupt and will do anything for money. 

Masimba Mavaza you are a shame and a disgrace to the mothers, sisters, and girls of Zimbabwe. You cannot imagine the pain I feel as I write this because women have been degraded by Zanu PF. Shame on you Masimba Mavaza. 

Mr Mavasa if you want to help women in Zimbabwe please use your political influence to lobby the Zanu PF government to let Merry Chiwenga access medical treatment.

Further you could guide Zanu PF to build more maternity wards as the current maternity system is in a shambles. Not this misdirected energy you have against the Zimbabwe diaspora.

Mnangagwa Failed COP26 Summit

By Mercy Netsai GOMO

ED Mnangagwa [illegal] President of Zimbabwe, had no business in Glasgow given his gross human rights violation record. Thus he faced mass demonstration because of his failed governance. 

It within our constitution preamble that the Government should provide Good Governance, but Zimbabwe is marred with high levels of corruption under his leadership. The Drax case involves the first family and led to the arrest of the Health Minister Obadiah Moyo for misuse of COVID19 funds. 

There is no separation between judiciary and executive leading to catch and release culture as witnessed by Obadiah Moyo walking scot free, despite compelling evidence and over $US2M confiscated by Interpol sitting in an offshore bank account in Hungary. 

The 2nd Republic regime has captured judiciary and weaponizes it against opposition, human rights activists but protects Zanu PF elites. 

Henrietta Rushwaya was caught with 6.9kg’s of gold and released without charge due to lacking of evidence as the CCTV was turned off. Interestingly enough this smugging charge was mentioned in the House of Lords [29th October 2021] - however the UK Government [FCDO and British Embassy in Harare] said that they were "unaware" of this serious breach!

The enforcement agencies are complicit in protecting the powerful Zanu PF circle under ED Mnangagwa leadership. Garudzo Ziyadhuma was the State Prosecutor in both cases arising suspicion if he is fit for office or enabling criminals to walk free. 

The Auditor general Milred Shiri sighted concerns on how tenders were issued to fraudulent companies with none supply of goods or fake invoices in her 2021 report. 

She came short to naming and shaming as the companies were directly or indirectly linked to Government officials. ED Mnangagwa promised to eradicate corruption on his New Dispensation pledges but it is rampant. 


Wednesday 10 November 2021

Return The Rule of Law in Zimbabwe

Malvern at COP26 Glasgow

The judiciary system in Zimbabwe has been compromised by ruling party Zanu P-F. There is no separation between judiciary and executive making Zimbabwe a quasi-state. Rule of law is non-existent as it is manipulated and used as a weapon against the opposition party and human rights activists.
In May 2021, Ed Mnangagwa amended the Constitution to extend the retirement age of senior Judges to 75 if they are in good health. The Constitution of Zimbabwe protects itself from violation by having set steps to make amendments. All the amendments must be done through a public referendum and voted in Parliament. The President used his executive powers to make amends and took advantage of his majority in Parliament to make it law. Chief Justice Malaba was due for retirement and had his tenure extended for five years. Chief Malaba was the same judge responsible for validation of 2018 elections results which were being disputed by MDCA for alleged rigging. 

 There is a comprehensive fair process of appointing senior judges on merit. They are interviewed on national television by The Judiciary Commission panel comprising of senior serving and retired judges. There workload is evaluated and scrutinised in-depth on technical law aspects vetting capabilities, impartiality, and competence among other things. The President is presented with a list of successful candidates to choose his preferred choice. It was abuse of power by Ed Mnangagwa to appoint Chief Malaba without following set channels and was challenged in Supreme Court but dismissed.
MDCA Youth leader Makomborero Haruzivishe was arrested in March for inciting public violence against Police and resisting arrest. Makomborero was at Copa Cabana terminus when he saw riot police attacking vendors. He is alleged to have whistled a signal interpreted as mobilising public to revolt. Makomborero has been in jail for over 200 days without trial and prosecution postpones court date saying it is not ready reminding him in maximum security prison in Chikurubi. Makomborero could pay a fine or sentenced to 20 years in prison. Makomborero’s case has nothing to do with inciting public violence but a class war against the poor. Zimbabwe is an impoverished country with over 95% unemployment and hyper-inflation. There is no employment, and most people are self-employed surviving on less than $5:50 a day. The Government serves a few and protects the rich. The Government banned thousands of self- employed combi drivers/whindis/ ranks marshals  in favour of allocating a bus tender (ZUPCO) to Auxilia Mnangagwa and Tagwirei. Makomborero is being penalised for his activism and the Government is holding him on remand on fabricated charges.
Hopewell Chin’ono a journalists and human rights activists has been arrested over three times on fabricated charges. He spent 42 days at Chikurubi maximum prison on charges to incitement to commit public violence a law which was squashed in 2014. Hopewell was later arrested for publishing fake news when he whistled corruption on Covid funds which implicated the 1st Family (Mnangagwa Twins). Beatrice Mtetwa who defended Hopewell was disqualified for posting a tweet calling for citizens to demonstrate against corruption but was later reinstated.
Judiciary is used a weapon against opposing ideologies to the ruling party but also exonerates the elite when caught red handed. The Health Minister Obadiah Moyo was arrested for misuse of Covid 19 funds. He awarded a contract to a Hungarian firm worth $20M without following correct procedure. The opposition pressed on the case after Interpol ceased 2M in a Hungarian bank. The Health Minister charges of abuse of office were dropped as the charges by the Prosecuting Officer Garudzo Ziyadhuma were not clear. He was state prosecutor handling Henrietta Rushwaya for allegedly smuggling over 6kgs of gold. The case involved the Central Intelligence Officers and apparently the gold was linked to Auxilia Mnangagwa. The Prosecutor Garudzo Ziyadhuma dropped the charges citing lack of evidence as the CCTV was switched off at Robert Mugabe Airport. The Prosecutor is very controversial as he catches and releases those linked with Government Officials but denies bail to human rights activists and opposition party
BY: Malvern Dengu

Friday 15 October 2021

Mnangagwa "Totally Ignorant......"

Mnangagwa ‘Totally Ignorant’ On Economic Matters – Steve Hanke Steve Hanke is a professor of applied economics at The Johns Hopkins University and senior fellow at the Cato Institute. 

He is a columnist at Forbes and a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal. Over four decades Hanke has advised dozens of world leaders from Ronald Reagan to Indonesia’s Suharto on currency reforms, infrastructure development, privatization, and how to tame hyperinflation. You can follow him on twitter @steve_hanke. 

United States (US) economist, Steve Hanke, says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not only corrupt but "totally ignorant" when it comes to economic issues. In a tweet, Hanke said the Zimbabwe dollar has depreciated by 93% against the United States dollar since the local currency was reintroduced in 2019. 

He said: Corrupt @edmnangagwa brought back the Zimbabwean dollar 2yrs ago. Since then, the Zim dollar has depreciated by 93% against the mighty USD. President Ed is not only corrupt but, when it comes to economics, he is totally ignorant. 

This comes as the forex rate has plummeted on the black market, with the currency changing hands for up to Z$200 per US dollar, while the official rate is pegged at Z$90. 

Meanwhile, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) – the largest representative body for local business, has warned that the country’s currency is in danger of collapsing as businesses resort to United States dollar transactions. In a tweet on Tuesday, Hanke said threats by the Zimbabwean government to suspend businesses using black market rates will end in tears. 

He wrote: " Zimbabwe's currency is in a death spiral. Now, the corrupt government is threatening to suspend all businesses using black-market exchange rates to price goods. I’ve seen this movie before. It has a tragic ending". 

Authorities have in recent weeks arrested scores of foreign traders accused of manipulating the volatile Zimbabwean dollar by trading on the black market. But in a letter to its members, CZI said it had cautioned the government against clamping down on firms and traders. It said: The greatest risk facing the economy right now is an inappropriate policy response to the rising parallel market premium. Clamping down on informal exchange trading in the absence of a viable formal market will have catastrophic consequences for the economy.

"Every day I publish Hanke's #InflationSatellite. It's an interactive map that contains my accurate, up-to-date #Inflation measurements & black market (read: free market) data for 40+ countries. It is updated daily & currently contains data as of 10/13/21". 

Yet more Corruption exposed Kudakwashe Tagwirei, who is close to Zimbabwe’s president and his inner circle, leveraged his privileged access to fuel and mining markets to strike a lucrative partnership with commodities giant Trafigura. Sanctioned by the U.S. and U.K. for corruption, Tagwirei continued to do business by relocating his network to Mauritius. 

Key Findings 

  1. Tagwirei has earned at least $100 million in fees from a partnership with Swiss-based Trafigura. 
  2. Together, they have profited extensively by dominating Zimbabwe’s fuel market since 2013. 
  3.  Trafigura quietly extended $1 billion in loans to the Zimbabwean government, at exorbitant interest rates. 
  4. As controversy grew, Tagwirei moved his business network offshore to Mauritius, where he secured a new near-monopoly fuel deal with the government. 

He is still active in mining and fuel deals in Zimbabwe. Government officials appear on key company records and Tagwirei’s own correspondence, indicating that there might be more powerful people behind the network 

The payments made to Tagwirei raise a red flag, according to Global Witness’s Natasha White. “Red flags include the personal involvement of politically exposed individuals in such deals. It would be extremely concerning if payments have been made into a personal account of Tagwirei by Trafigura, whether or not he was sanctioned at the time,” she said.

Yet Mnangagwa has been invited to Glasgow in the Unitid Kingdom to the COP26 Climate Conference! Totally unwarranted, wholly inappropriate and we conside it to be an error of judgement by the naive Brits!

This article explains the insensitive invitation and links to both an online petition to oppose Ed's visit and the physical petition hand over to Boris Johnson on the 21st October 2021, the UK Prime Minister to block Mnangagwa and his 70 strong "team" of hangers-on and "security staff" LOL

Saturday 28 August 2021

Walk for Freedom 2021 - A Personal Account

I left Newcastle and travelled all the way to Brighton Sussex on Friday 20/08/2021 together with my wife and two children. The journey was too long and very tiring but inspiring. The four of us left around 1400 hrs and arrived in Brighton at 2300 hrs It took us this long as the road had so many diversions and bumper to bumper traffic jams.

My children were very excited because they were also members of the "Walk for Freedom". The walk was to start from Brighton Pier to London on foot. This walk was organised by UK championed by Rashiwe Bayisayi and John Burke, founding members of ZHRO.

For me it was the best moment to raise awareness that people are suffering the oppression and repressive governance in Zimbabwe under president E D Mnangagwa.This also involves the time  that I spent in detention at Colnbrookfor the whole of July 2021.

Zimbabweans are being rounded up and thrown into detentions, suffering illnesses as these places are so filthy. When I left detention on bail I found the need to raise this awareness as much as I can until charter flights are stopped. The Home Office UK has agreed to work with a rogue government of Zimbabwe. Putting our lives at risk of torture and murder.

On This day Saturday 21/08/2021 we met all the participants at 06:30 hrs to start our Walk for Freedom campaign. This was my first longest walk of my life. It was full of energy and joy as we all left the Brighton Pier for London. John Burke was very adamant that all the participants can manage the first segment of the walk to the resting point. Surely, this first segment was really heavy as the foot paths and terrains were uphill. We met with the logistics crew at the end and we all had drinks and fruit. I was very much happy that we sang and danced to encourage each other and showed solidarity that deportations and charter flights have no place in our hearts.
70km stage at 3:00am Guildford

The campaign resumed and we all set off. We cut through paddocks and fields as the footpaths meanders, twisting and inclining. My children walked the 38km stretch absolutely at ease and I felt for them to join with the logistics team.

The number of participants started dwindling as the campaign was heating up and it was night time. We had few other resting points before we entered Guildford in Surrey. Here we met with the logistics as usual and we had our snacks with hot drinks and the time was around 0300hrs on Sunday.

The Walk for Freedom resumed and we left Guildford and followed the river in darkness. I felt a bit worn out. my under foot started prickling like there were some thorns piercing me through. I was so determined to reach the finishing point at the same time. What I needed most was to send a message to the Home Office that deporting people to Zimbabwe is against humanity. These charter flights must be stopped immediately and breaking families apart is a complete violation of human rights under the ECHR.

Moses Finishes
When the night began to fade away I could feel more energy in my body that we were almost getting to the final destination of the campaign. We followed the river along, then we met with the first dog walkers and all the people began to chat as we had long stretches walking silently. We reached a resting point and I was told now that we were setting off for the last segment.This walk benefits not only the participants but all Zimbabweans that fall into these despicable deportations.

The weather was so good that we walked the whole day and the whole night. It was now around 10h30 and we and the last part were marred by cyclists and joggers. However we carried on until we crossed over the bridge that marked the end of our "Walk for Freedom".  I was very excited and so was everyone as we all met at the  train station at Hampton Court in jubilation. I want to thank the organisers, the logistics crew and all the participants, not forgetting my two children that walked the 38 km stretch.

They are real warriors chanting Stop Charter Flights and Stop Deportations slogan. By Moses Mbano

Monday 16 August 2021

Women 'In Power' why are you Silent?

Women in power please speak out.

By Vimbai Mamombe

Memory Machaya, a child who was giving birth

The death of Memory Machaya, a child who was giving birth at an Apostolic shrine in the Manicaland area of Zimbabwe has caused much a heart ache to mothers, women, and some men in Zimbabwe.
Mrs Auxilia Mnangagwa the wife of the current Zimbabwean president and the leader of the Zanu PF regime has not said a word in that regard. It’s just difficult to imagine a 14-year-old girl being violated by an adult man night after night after night. Imagining this will get any mother’s stomach to turn.
Where is Oppah Muchinguri and the many women who are in parliament who can defend the rights of the girl child. Memory Machaya is not the only girl to fall fate to these faith-based settings but getting her justice is symbolic and paves a way to the protection of the girl child. 

It has been said the matter is under investigation which it should be but there is no need for silence on such a matter. While investigations are said to be going on let’s begin to talk, lobby, advocate and send a clear message to paedophiles that this is unacceptable in the Zimbabwean community. Zimbabwean leaders, fathers, mothers that sit in parliament and have all these important tiles that have been bestowed on them by the people of Zimbabwe ‘how long will our girls be vulnerable and exploited in such ways’.

It is not new that a blind eye has been turned or feet are dragged to abuse of women under the Zanu PF watch. Many atrocious things have been done to women by the Zanu PF abusive machine. Noting Cecilia, Joanna and Netsai who were made to eat each other’s faeces and drink the other’s urine. One of the girls also had a gun shoved up their annal passage and off course there were police investigations, and no one was ever brought to book. Will justice then be served for this young girl.

The torture of Jestina Mukoko remains firmly on the Zanu PF watch and no one was ever brought to book. The killing of Mrs Chiroto remains very sad. Off course the police investigations never brought anyone to book.

 Mrs Mnangagwa herself is fully aware of how ruthless the Zanu PF system can be to women and this can be is signified by her conversation with General Murombo where she begged to have her life spared. The greatest plea to Mrs Mnangagwa is please stand up for the girl child and let justice prevail for Memory and the many girls who suffer abuse.

Women in Zimbabwe continue to be abused as they are the bulk of teachers, nurses and civil service who continue to offer their services for mere peanuts. Many women go to work in the Zanu PF led government and at the end of the month they cannot feed their families or pay their bills. The level of abuse in sad and it continues at an unprecedented rate. 

When are the women with influence in Zimbabwe going to make a change for other women that are less privileged to protect the future generation of women? 

The issue of women and girls abuses in Zimbabwe is a highly political matter and should be treated as such. It is political as the Zimbabwean government has been known to flex their muscles to protect their interests. They also need to flex their muscles and protect women and girls in Zimbabwe.

Sunday 8 August 2021

Just How are Forced Removals Being Assessed in the UK?

 LBC Radio {London}, With David Lammy, dicusses the injustice of the Home Office and their 'notion' and [false] claim to rid the UK of criminals - meaning "Foreign Criminals" only. At least they are not shipping criminals to Australia - but let's not tempt fate!

The MP David Lammy is talking with Jamaican's who are scheduled for forced removal on the 11th August 2021 on yet another "deportation Flight".

LBC David Lammy MP 

4th August 2021 Zimbabwe Embassy - 72 people protest

No to forced removals of Zimbabweans. 

With 150 Zimbabweans now being detained for mostly just being in the complex asylum process. The British Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe appears to have targeted 50 forced removals per "flight". On what basis it is not clear.

The first 14 removed on an Air Bus A380 arrived in the capital Harare on the morning of the 22nd July 2021 and were mercilessly paraded by the Zanu PF sponsored State TV Channel ZBC.

This was clearly a propaganda exercise to "demonstrate" how fairly these first 14 will be treated. Future removals one suspects may not get this "red-carpet" treatment

Members of the two main political parties in Zimbabwe, namely MDCA [Movement for Democratic Change Alliance], ZAPU [Zimbabwe African People's Union], plus the Human Rights groups ROHR [Restoration Of Human Rights - Zimbabwe] and ZHRO [Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation], plus several Church Groups were encouraged to attend this and other demonstrations in the future to Fight the Mass Forced Removals of Zimbabwenas in the Diaspora.

Contributions by:

  • Vimbai Mamombe
  • John Burke
  • Shamiso Moyo 
  • ZHRO Marketing Team
  • ROHR Panyika Karimanzera
  • ROHR Nicholate Gwati

Friday 6 August 2021

Testimony of a Family broken by Deportation "Deal"


When with this family be whole again?

On the 4th August 2021 Outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, The Strand, London WC2, Daisy brought her three children to a demonstrations to protest about the seemingly arbitary removal of 100 Zimbabweans per month. [see photo of the family - childrens images pixelated out their faces to ensure anonymity]

In an apparent "deal" between the British Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe, and we assume the Zanu PF led "government", 100 Zimbabweans in the UK will be targeted by the UK Home Office and forcibly removed from the UK to the 'hell-hole' known as Zimbabwe. 

Although those few at the head of the cabal live a life-of-luxury - able to import a $700,000 Rolls Royce as an example. At the same time nurses are being paid £35 per month and all medical support funds are being systematically looted by the elite within the top echelon of Zanu PF.

Daisy and her children 4th Aug 2021

So we need to know if this family will be whole again.