Friday 7 July 2017


By Silvanos Mudzvova

My article published earlier this year on the 16th of May titled, “Lack of participation in national politics by U.K. Zimbabweans,” received a lot of feedback from you the readers. Most Zimbabweans raised valid points of why they don’t want to get involved. I must admit to some extent, I was wrong and today I will tackle the issues they raised.
On the 18th of April 2017 (Zimbabwe Independence Day) after a demonstration at the Zimbabwean Embassy in London, I was confronted by a very angry lady. She interrogated me, mainly with the question of, “Why I was ungrateful to the extent of failing just to say thank you.”
I couldn’t understand her at all, to say the least I was speechless as I couldn’t figure out why such a public outburst was warranted. Hiding my anger towards her actions, I politely asked, “Why are you so angry?”

18th April 2017 #Take2Zimbabwe Protest
Her answer through me back, I was shocked.

 She said, “I donated £40.00 towards your hospital fees and so did many others. We raised in total £327.00. The least you can do is say, Thank you!” She went on to explain what happened during the period I was in hospital back in Zimbabwe, as a result of the torture I endured at the hands of the ZANU PF regime. She went on stating that during the 17th of September 2016 Vigil at the Zimbabwean Embassy in London, Zimbabweans contributed towards my hospital fees.

In my horror, I couldn’t get my head round the fact that, I was in hospital in so much pain and my family was struggling to find alternative accommodation. The hospital bill was being covered by a local NGO, yet someone was pocketing £327.00 raised in my name.

Straight away, I asked who collected it and the name Ephraim Tapa and Rose Benton come up. I HAD NEVER MET OR SPOKEN WITH THESE TWO CHARACTERS AT THE TIME OF THIS DISCUSSION WITH THIS LADY. I asked for their numbers from those at the demonstration and called Ephraim Tapa immediately and advised him he was on a loud speaker. I asked him on 18th April 2017 at 1530hrs about the issues and he didn’t have a response. Tapa promised to get back to me within 30 minutes and that was the end. I tried calling him and Rose to clear this issue as predicted their phones were switched off and they have never returned my calls.

It opened a can of worms, the amount of times people have contributed to assist the struggle by supporting activists back in Zimbabwe, yet the donations end up in the pockets of a few leaders. This is a major contributing factor leading to the reason why Zimbabwean’s have lost interest in participating in demonstrations that promote democracy and human rights for Zimbabwe. Now it's just simply assumed that most Zimbabweans participate in activism in order address their immigration issues and once sorted its good bye until its renewal time, all resulting from the experiences that these Zimbabweans have had to endure at the hands of these corrupt leaders.

Leaders of political parties and civic society organisations are demanding money in order to support genuine activists get papers and as long as one has money their cases are supported. Let's not forget, whilst these people are going through the immigration process they are forbidden from working, so relatives and friends assist in raising these funds.

“Who is pocketing these monies ranging from £300 to £1300 being paid to these leaders?”

I bet my last dollar this money is not reaching political parties and receipts are not issued. This is killing activism and participation in political parties’ organised demonstrations and meetings. The leaders have become so greedy building mansions back in Zimbabwe at the expense of suffering Zimbabweans.

Most female activists who can’t afford these high “fees” end up giving their bodies to these good for nothing morons in return for a letter and their testimony in courts as they deserve since they genuinely participated in demonstrations etc. Most Zimbabwean political parties and civic society leaders in the UK have become mini-gods who are being worshipped just to facilitate a letter and testimony. They have destroyed families by demanding sexual favours to facilitate for a letter the female activists is in titled to for standing up to the ZANU PF regime.

One Zimbabwean said to me, “My money will get me papers without going to demonstrations!.”

“Surely, Mugabe wacho anoenda sei?” I ask myself.

Most activist leaders in the UK are worse than Mugabe. “Whats the difference between them and ZANU PF, I wonder?,” They are as greedy as ZANU PF or even worse.

I need make this very clear, “I am speaking from an informed point of view kana pane ane nharo ngaati nyo tione.”

It should be noted that the struggle to free Zimbabwe is not owned by individuals as is portrayed by what has become of the Saturday Vigil held outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London.

Ephraim Tapa and Rose Benton stop lying to uninformed desperate Zimbabweans,  you are manipulating. You don’t own the vigil.  It’s history of Free Zimbabwe vigil can be traced back to 1978 being fronted by people like Didymus Mutasa, muri vana please sit down.

That vigil of yours is destroying the spirit of activism and Zimbabwean oneness required to fight for a free Zimbabwe by those in the diaspora. I am shocked you are even talking of a coalition by the political opposition parties back home yet a few Zimbabweans in the UK  cannot exist and do demonstrations together because of your love for money.

Leaders of opposition political parties and civic society stop this nonsense. Your love for money and sex with desperate Zimbabweans is killing our push for a change in Zimbabwe.

As I sign off I need my donated £327 sent to activists doing amazing work in very difficult conditions in Zimbabwe. To all those who condone corruption and want to see a free Zimbabwe don’t pay them a penny. If they refuse to sign your papers demanding money and sexual favours, I am willing to help you expose them .

We want Mugabe gone not the enrichment of individuals, yamakadya yakwana.

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