Sunday 6 May 2018

Indifference to the People's Desperate Needs

Taken from Raw and Unfiltered Perspective

Self-Inflicted Death Throws of Zanu PF

Indifference to the people's desperate needs, indifference to the people's pain and suffering is what will pen the political demise of the willfully clueless unelected Zanu pf coup leadership at the helm of the republic.

I am not sure if his utterances and ill conceived decisions are symptomatic of an adverse reaction out of abuse of ambi and ponds which maybe have gone past the skin to his brains, It is imperative that General Chiwenga and his installed project Mnangagwa be guided accordingly so that they are fully aware of what the true owners of the republic, the general populace are capable of doing with their vote because being continually mocked by these two that Zanu pf will rule forever because they are entitled to doing so by virtue of their liberation credentials is not only sickening but insulting in view of the naseous mess we are currently festering in, a product of nearly four decades of gross mismanagement of the economy, corruption, entitlement and unchecked looting by the said and their fellow Zanu pf comrades.

For the record General Chiwenga seems to be ill informed, he is not aware that we cannot continue to salute politicians who are doing nothing for the general populace nor anything to develop the republic save for looting national resources. So that liberation war talk is stale, it is way outdated beyond its shelve life, it holds no clout, it is irrelevant because it does not put food on ordinary people's table and the so called liberation gains he constantly refers to have not translated to the nation so we have absolutely no reason to celebrate ill gotten personal gains since it has nothing to do with the national development but personal gains for a select few.

May our Coup installed General Chiwenga be reminded that the people of this republic do not owe him or his assistant Mnangagwa any apologies and also be reminded that he is in for a rude awakening if he continues thinking that Zanu pf is going to be ruling forever because they are not, as a matter of fact this year will be their last call as a ruling party and will soon be the opposition.

My brothers and sisters, do not be intimidated by anyone claiming special privileges or access to national resources without being accountable to any checks and balances while evoking immunity for their ill calculated actions or any misdeeds primarily because they have a claim to being a freedom fighter or revolutionery. This has been abused so much that, it doesn't scare us anymore, it is of no relevance to the challenges, needs and dictates of this generation.


My take is having lived under the harsh realities of a Zanu pf led government's failed economic policies and brutality, they foisted upon a people is no different than fighting a war and surviving in a war zone where daily you fight for survival, scraping for a living, trying hard, fighting to defend your own freedoms and liberties from a repressive regime hence being revolutioneries and freedom fighters by virtue of that war we are still waging, a nearly four decades long war of survival.

The grim reality of living under a Zanu pf regime has not only been atrocious but depressingly heart wrenching and traumatic, that is why it is imperative for Zanu pf to leave our political diet to allow a people to heal as soon as they are served their electoral packing orders. Not only will it be therapeutic but a very well deserved rehabilitation and national healing from the wounds of the brutal repression and a sustained denial of workers and a people's rights.

Should there be any benefits to be qualified for, I am glad to say that the whole country will qualify for it because we are all revolutioneries and freedom fighters waging a war against a system of dictatorship taking away workers rights, stealing national resources, intimidating workers and citizens from expressing their need for a better standard of living. Having suffered for nearly four decades and still fighting a social political revolution, for a better standard of living and opportunities being hoarded by a rogue regime for selective access to a few kin of the corrupt politicians, we the general populace are the true freedom fighters and revolutioneries fighting a corrupt and repressive system, a military dictatorship.

We are All Freedom Fighters Now

Always remember my brothers and sisters that you are a revolutionery and freedom fighter by your own merit, in your own right because fighting a repressive system, poverty daily, nursing a wounded will to carry on under draconian laws, enduring inhibitive government sponsored terror, anguish and inhospitable conditions, living under a repressive Zanu pf regime intolerant to dissent, calls for resilience, it requires a special set of survival skills and the will to continue to survive without any hope in sight.

That fighter instinct in you, that revolutionery in you, that freedom fighter you are, has carried you in torrid conditions to today, so let no one have such an antiquated claim like Chiwenga's utterance that he will forgive us for not having fought the liberation struggle, its nothing to be proud of, when all there is, is falling in to the hands of tyranny and dictatorship.

We owe no one nothing but have been robbed and stripped of our dignity as a people for the last three decades and eight years in counting by the same thieves now wanting us to salute them without question, no, we wont because we the people are the true freedom fighters and revolutioneries fighting for the change we deserve from a system holding us hostage under the beluef that we owe them a lifetime of debt for their liberation participation.

It is now time to cut off the umbilical of entitlement and unfettered access to national resources by a few political thieves and their military cohorts.

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