Thursday 5 July 2018

BZA Statement: "...the process [observing printing ballot papers] was null and void"

ZEC [Zimbabwe Electoral Commission] are presiding over a ballot printing process that has NOT been legitamately observed by the opposition parties taking part in the 30 July Elections. This also included EU Observers!

What was observed however, was obfuscation and opaqueness in the extreme. Questions about the process went unanswered and the observers were not permitted to see the process in the same room, they were not allowed to observe a sample. What 'fraud' is being perpetrated in this ballot paper printing process that the ZEC Official was so intent to conceal?

Dr Noah Manyika's missive finished with this statement:

 "According to our representative and contrary to reports published in the official press, the general sentiment of party representatives at that point was that the process was null and void and that none of the stated purposed of the tour had been accomplished"

Full Press Release from BZA
So where can Zimbabwe go from here? This flagrant breach in the duty of the ZEC cannot be left unanswered.

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