Tuesday 27 August 2019

Citizen Abductions Continue in Zimbabwe

By Molly Ngavaimbe

Extracts from an Interview by ZHRO.
16th August 2019: HARARE. Police Brutality

"The abduction of of citizens of zimbabwe who are brutalized by suspected state security agents for their involvement in the planned public protests, was a violation of their human rights as enrished in the countrys constitution" said Molly

UK based Molly is concerned about renewed reports of abductions and assault of civil society members and opposition party members.

"Harassment and intimidation have no place in a democratic and pluralistic society."

She also said "President Emmerson Mnangagwa has not yet reacted to the abductions, while some people are attacking MDC for condeming the brutalization of activists by state secury agents."

"This is really exasperating! When we are busy encouraging national dialogue as a way to peacefully resolve the countrys crisis you resort to this. Only cowards, gangs of armed people, would abduct unarmed indviduals, torture and kill defencesless people. One day in this life or the next, there will be accountability...the crisis will not go away and people will not stop demanding change."

"FIX THE REAL PROBLEM" - [the economy and corruption.]

Molly continued in her statement that;

"the use of of torture in this day and age is not only regrettable but barbaric and evil..no state should ever torture its own citizens."

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