Tuesday 26 July 2022

26th July 2022 Walk for Freedom Practice - Bolton Abbey Estate

Simon's Seat
On top of "Simon's Seat" Bolton Abbey - Yorkshire
10.5 mile (17km) circuit from Barden Bridge on the Bolton Abbey Estate via the 485m (above sea level) “Simon’s Seat” and to view Bolton Abbey itself. Then back to our starting point
Moses. Mervis, Oli and John did all the circuit. Rosemary, Monica, Hillary did the Riverside walks and helped with food afterwards.
The climb to Simon’s Seat was extremely challenging - needing to scale 1,116 feet of stone - strewn paths, woodland and heather. But the view from the top was worth every step - even in the drizzle and overcast nature of the day. We also met a squad of Army recruits with 40 lb packs jogging down from Simon's Seat! In fact they lunched at the Braden Bridge Car Park so met up with Rosemary, Monica and Hillary.
The walk back from Bolton Abbey, back down at the River Wharf level was ‘interrupted by heavy rain - which they slogged through!
Leeds Branch scaling the ‘heights’ again and benefitting from beautiful local facilities. After the stresses of Monday’s Court case, where we pointed out that the ZHRO Walk for Freedom events are to help with the unwarranted stress of the UK Asylum process!

A very good day 10:30 am at Barden Bridge (BD23 6AS ) and finishing around 17:30 pm. 7 hours walking, climbing and scrambling over heath, hill and dale!

So looking forward to the 13-14th August 2022 "Walk for Freedom" Brighton Pier to Hampton Court Application form to register CLICK HERE Please print and Complete and e-mail to us. Also our Facebook Event Page to register Interest FB Click Here

Selection of images from the day: FULL PHOTO LOG - CLICK HERE

 Trig Point on Simon's Seat [485m]  Top of Simon's Seat
Mervis and John on top of Simon's Seat - with Flag Mervis and Moses - with flag
 Above the tree line  Route to Simon's Saet
The walk up - now past the tree line the signpost shows the route to Simon's Seat
 ON the way to the River Wharf in the Valley of Desolation  Some of the Soldier Recruits
Mervis and John relaxing now as we are partway down after visiting Simon's Seat The Squaddies who we met {as they were coming down} whilst we were climbing UP!
 SADC Banner on Simon's Seat  At the end of the day
THe SADC "reminder" {of their duty and ethos} at 485m above sea level [Simon's Seat] at 17:30 after a long day walking {7 hours or thereabouts} plus the River team were walking too
 Moses now returned to the River Wharf  Moses next to the outcrop called Simon's Seat
A nice scene of the River Wharf new Bolton Abbey -with Moses Next to the Rocks around Simon's Seat
      Full photo log on our Flickr Album dated 26th July 2022 https://www.flickr.com/photos/zhro-uk/albums/72177720300863408

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