Tuesday 15 August 2017


Almost every Zimbabwean leaving abroad wishes to be in the homeland of Zimbabwe. Our country Zimbabwe is really in tatters.

  • The Economy has dropped drastically.
  • There is no rule of law. 
  • Police and Army brutality is the order of the day.
  • The health system has crumbled drastically.
  • Corruption is the norm day in day out.
  • Education is at its lowest and yet the Zimbabwean government is on a spree closing down good schools.

(the list is painfully endless)

Diaspora life isn’t all roses, everyone yearns to be home. We are all crying for our beloved country.
Being part of the team, doing the sponsored walk feels like #Walking to Freedom.

Let us raise funds to help those who are being persecuted and those who have been persecuted. The money will help those whose rights have been violated and assisting them to stand on their feet. Together we can make life better for some Zimbabweans

Edward Murota

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