Wednesday 16 August 2017

In Support of the 105 km Walk

By Pythias Makonese

"I do hereby support the 105 km walk having in mind that Zimbabwe is infested with corruption."

The distance covered converted to mm is more than the wrongs committed by Robert Mugabe & his ZANU-PF regime to the Zimbabwean citizens and the outside world at large. Just to mention a few examples are the following:-

  • 2014 Mega salaries saga where the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) was paying more than US$1.1 million per month to 14 of its Executives
  • Marange-Chiadzwa diamond looting.
  • The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) “salarygate” scandal implicated the top management in mega salaries and packages.
  • Public officials demanding bribes for basic services like installing an electric metre, approving a house plan to facilitate investment.
  • Police roadblocks - money is taken from motorists for fake crimes.
  • Most corrupt institutions are the police, local councils, the vehicle inspection department - issuing driving licenses and the education department.

"This walk should raise awareness of the damaging effects of corruption."

Endemic corruption is one reason foreign companies are hesitant to invest in the country. The government lacks accountability and transparency derive from the failure of the state to prosecute and incarcerate the people involved.
Pythias an Activist

The Prevention Corruption Act (PCA) criminalizes active and passive bribery, extortion, money laundering in the public and private sectors but this seems to be selective to Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF regime.

Among state - owned enterprises, corruption is rife and senior executives award themselves exorbitant salaries. Irregular payments or bribes in connection with awarding of public contracts or licences are common, favouritism in the decision of of government officials are common and public funds are often diverted.

Across all sectors, corruption is a very high risk for companies operating in Zimbabwe. Investors face both high level corruption in the form of nepotism, patronage and abuse of power, as well as petty bribery and extortion.

"This walk must be a resounding warning as it brings signals to the end of the despotic regime."

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