Sunday 25 February 2018


Former President, Robert Mugabe has mocked soldiers describing them as uneducated people who are jealous of intelligence operatives who were paid more than them.

He told guests at his private party yesterday the military had sided with Emmerson Mnangagwa in a purely Zanu PF issue.

“They said to me people have marched, they want you to go. They said they have filled the stadium demanding that I should go. I said, which people, MDC people.

What about those in Kadoma, what about those in Mutare, did you go and ask them. People were beaten, the soldiers were beating up our intelligence guys saying you are paid higher than us. You wear good suits, hence you are protecting Mugabe. Ahh they didn't know that you do not to be educated to be a soldier, nornally soldiers are recruited from Grade 7 or Form Two while the intelligence team is recruited from those who are educated.

It should follow that when one is educated with a degree or A Level you should be paid higher than those who are just recruited as long as they are trained," he was quoted by The Standard as saying.

He added :"They said Mugabe is a legend, what legend are you talking about when you are busy taking away the vehicles. They said they want to protect my legacy, which legacy are they talking about. What legacy when they have expelled me from the party. This girl here, my wife, is no longer a member of Zanu PF, so what legacy are you talking about.”

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