Tuesday 13 March 2018

FREEDOM is all We Need

Staring into the computer screen, hands struggling to find the right way to start. It is then that I'm reminded by the thought of my city; Bulawayo and my rural place, Plumtree.

My helpless grandmother, my friends, my relatives scattered around the world. It then dawns on me that I could and can make a difference. It only takes a voice, or a note to get the message out there.
Zimbabwe my home. Let my tears my fears, my fears speak to the world. Can all this be a voice that leads to reason, clarity and freedom?

ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation), thank you for this opportunity as it has given me a platform to express my inner most feelings.

My name is Tlalane Maloisane /Charity Ndebele.

...So, if not now then when? It's time to grab the problem by the 'horns' (our freedom). When the former president Robert Mugabe was ousted by the military through a coup. He was then replaced by the 'crocodile' (Emmerson Mnangagwa) who has been the right hand man of Mugabe. It is evident that the so-called president (Emerson Mnangagwa) and his now Vice president Chiwenga, had agendas that only sought to favour their scandalous ways and journey on with old ZANU PF ways.

This demonic ZANU PF stole our freedom, our human rights and our rights to freely chose our leaders, or later be leaders ourselves as they are so greedy. It pains me enormously to see families separated and scattered all around the world in search for freedom, human rights and peace to be accepted as normal human beings. My heart is heavy as I can testify that myseIf has gone through the process of family separation, having to face the toughest decision in my life to turn my back on my disabled child in order to find a safe haven for me and my child. The whole process of seeing my fellow country men and women lose their identity is paining. Therefore I hope and pray that this blog sheds some light on a lot of people's thoughts.
Myself, Mary and Pastor Evan Mawarire

Having had the chance to meet Pastor Evan Mawarire at The Henry Jackson Society seminar at the House Of Commons through ZHRO, I had a chance to represent my people of Matebeland to hear his thoughts about the 1983 Genocide and the constant side-lining of the people of Matebeland. Pastor Mawarire agreed to say that for sure the Matebeland had become "The Lost City" or just forgotten as nothing was happening that region and the bitter residents that feel oppressed. I then found more reason as an individual who has experienced oppression and violence in the region that I would be happy with the idea of deserting from Zimbabwe.

We the people of Mthwakazi are looking for freedom in a country that has forgotten us due to tribal background. It really makes sick in the stomach that Emmerson Mnangagwa feels too proud to make effort to at least apologize to the people of Matabelaland after all we have been through. l can safely say each and every family member in Matabelaland was affect by Gukurahundi and the a lot of people where left traumatized after the incident and some mentally disturbed and yet he is too proud to apologise. It is clear that this devil has no remorse or compassion and yet wants to lead the country, he must be dead out of his mind.

The fact is we will not or cannot expect ZANU PF or this 'government' under Emmerson Munangagwa, or that has been through the mentorship of Robert Mnangawa for it is like feeding the same beast. All these people are perpetrators that should be imprisoned as thieves and killers. ZANU PF are already bribing chiefs by buying them cars, yet the medical or health system is in a shambles, with most hospitals have no functioning ambulances.

People are dying form the most curable diseases and some hospitals not having the most general drug (paracetamol). My daughter was in a private hospital in 2008 Mater Dei and yet I had to ship simple drugs from South Africa to get her help and still had to pay a full fee for her. It makes me so angry to think these very same people who put my child through this pain now want to continue ruling. I say no to corruption and yes to change. I say no to tribal oppression and yes to an inclusive government and yes to the practise of proper Human Rights. They need to account for the loss of the innocent lives in years 2000 to 2008 during both elections up untill today. The theft and use of public funds. The $I5bn that went mysteriously missing. The killing and torturing of activist exercising their democratic rights

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