Saturday 17 March 2018

Denigrating, and imposing an opinion on the diaspora is against democratic principles - we are demonstrating because we know and understand what it is to be free - because we have lived and experienced freedom in U.K. - it is that freedom that we wish for Zimbabwe - we know when one tyrant has replaced another - That Zimbabwe is in another form of Zanu-Pf dominance, which is more serious than the previous one, and that this refreshed Zanu-Pf dominance is taking hold in our country - That the face has changed, but the Zanu-Pf dictatorial core remains intact - These tools of dictatorship masquerading as saviours haven't changed at all - We are looking after our poverty stricken relatives in Zimbabwe who pay various forms of taxes for these people to live in luxury - therefore, this is only the beginning, we are actually gearing up for many rounds of protests until the junta has been removed - the ongoing cash crisis, health crisis, unemployment, and the failure to indicate the required economic development rate within the first 100 days signals the continuation of chaos and economic collapse - we hope to open the eyes of those currently blind to the fact that we have a deputy of terror pretending to be a new man who is open for business - we refuse to accept this murderous junta brought in by a Coup d’etat.

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