Saturday 10 October 2020

What Law in Zimbabwe?

The Law [Courts] in Zimbabwe only protect the Zanu PF 'political party', at the people's expense. We need to realise this before wasting time pursuing justice in those Courts.

I will admit that I am not a lawyer, but it doesn’t take much education about the Zimbabwean judiciary to see that the way the law is applied always favours Zanu PF and not the people. What I mean is, whenever there is a situation whereby a judge has to decide to make a ruling between favouring Zanu PF or the people of Zimbabwe, the judge will always favour Zanu PF particularly the wishes of the junta/politburo that controls the presidency.

We have seen so many examples of this captured judiciary since 1980. Recent examples are the 2017 coup which removed Mugabe. The removal of a sitting president by military force is illegal, but in 2017, the Zimbabwean courts ruled that the 'coup' was legal. How crazy is that? After the 2018 election was clearly rigged, a bunch of Judges ruled that the election was free and fair, surprise, surprise!

Every single week we see the Zimbabwean Junta inflicting violence and repression on dissenting voices. They get away with it because the law 'favours' them. I have heard some people say Zimbabwe has one of the best constitutions in the world, well, in theory that maybe true, but in reality the laws of a country can only be judged by how they are applied by the authorities, particularly when the authorities are pitted against the general population i.e when the strong are pitted against the weak. And if the strong are always winning against the weak, then it’s safe to say Zimbabwe is run by the laws of the jungle.  This will never change until the military dictatorship [hence the term Junta is appropriate] is gone. So long as the Judges and the courts favour Zanu PF, the constitution is not worth the paper it’s printed on, and Zimbabweans will never be free.


Sindile Ncube

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