Thursday 29 October 2020

Zimbabwe is Ruled by a Military Junta

Mohadi [Right] with other 'Old Timers'!

Mohadi again blatantly confirming to the world that Zimbabwe is ruled by a Military Junta

Over a week ago, Kembo Mohadi was talking out of his handkerchief again,  saying all manner of mad things at some Zanu PF event in Beitbridge. 

For those who don’t know, Kembo Mohadi is one of the 2 Vice Presidents - the one who sprung from nowhere. He was also part of that thicket of old Zanu PF big men who went on that pilgrimage in Chinhoyi expecting diesel to come out a granite rock. 

Anyway, a week and a bit ago, Mohadi was at some grand opening of so called 'homes for civil servants' in Beitbridge. The whole thing  is apparently part of some vision 2030 lie about infrastructure. As if all those Zanu PF old men are will be around in 10 years time.

Anyway, at this Zanu PF jaunt, Mohadi bragged about the military's stranglehold on Zimbabwe. He also implied that the suspect in the White City bombing was incapacitated to say the least. He said the person had been 'dealt with' and would not be doing such a thing again. The suspect was never tried, and based on Mohadi’s tongue in cheek comments, the person is most likely deceased. 

This is the sort of language used by a man who is trying to impress his masters and the hired audience (sometimes forced). Everyone knows that Kembo Mohadi is as pointless as an ashtray on a bicycle! So to gain some notice he is getting into the habit of trying to look important and tough. But does he not know that what he says confirms that Zimbabwe is ruled by a Military Junta? 

Does he not realise that saying things like ‘the army are the best placed people to manage the economy’ is the sort of thing that puts off foreign investors? The man is one of the many reasons why Zanu PF needs to go. We are being ruled by old men who really should be in retirement, playing with their great grand children.

Sindile Ncube

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