Thursday 9 February 2023

The Climate of Fear in Zimbabwe

The Climate of Fear in Zimbabwe has created untold Mass Migration

By Florence Lada

Since the inception of Mnangagwa's government in Zimbabwe the embers of hope have died. The almost immediate stark use of violence during the 2018 elections and the subsequent riots of 2019 proved the regime had only changed leaders but not changed in its ways. 

The continuity of military force, brutal intimidation, a consistently declining economy, public service failures and run down country has been the legacy of this so called New Era. 

People have since continued to be under heavy surveillance for criticising the government. Many others have been abducted and tortured mercilessly. This all being an indication that Mnangagwa disapproves of any inclination of 'democratic values'.

Migration with all their possessions

In such perilous circumstances, people failing to have basic freedoms, for example, just freedom of expression is still not tolerated in Zimbabwe in 2022! Many young people are losing hope and turning to drugs, despite having qualifications because of 98%unemployment rate. There aren’t industries that can accommodate and provide jobs for the qualified students upon graduation. 

Healthcare services are few and far between. Many government hospitals are squalid and have scarce services, due to being defunded with a shortage of essential workers - as government fail to pay for them, most choose to migrate to countries such as UK, Ireland and Australia. As a direct result of unemployment and unaffordability, delinquents are many and take advantage of the rampant instability and participate in skyrocketing crime. All these circumstances have fostered a ripe environment for mass migration.

Mnangagwa has failed Zimbabweans, failed the region which is picking up pieces of unprecedented migrants and the entire world which expected him to reform the country democractically and lift up Zimbabwe from the rock-bottom economic decay which was spearheaded by Mugabe.

Zimbabwe is basically imploding on itself. No hope, no future, now just a shell of once praised bread basket of Southern Africa. The legacy of the much loathed Land Reform saw the migration of a huge number of large scale farmers as well as skilled workers. This migration group has since risen especially since 2018 when Mnangagwa took over as President. Skilled workers don’t feel safe nor do they find Zimbabwe tenable place to continue in any career. 

How can people live, or thrive through intimidation? Is there any chance of survival for Zimbabweans apart from migrating to other countries? Human rights watch constantly highlights the importance of basic human rights, however, Zimbabwe’s regime has blatantly refused to uphold. Its heart-breaking, and quite disturbing the level of instability Zimbabweans have endured for 43years. Many have never known peace and have humbled themselves to leave for hopes of better future in the safety of other countries.  

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