Wednesday 8 March 2017

Activism ls Not A Crime

The arrest, imprisonment, many court appearances and subsequent community service sentencing of *Linda Masarira* on 7 March 2017 is illegal and unacceptable.
Zimbabwe Activists Alliance condemns the Government of Zimbabwe for criminalising our constitutional rights to demonstrate, assemble and expression. It is outrageous that real criminals who abuse state funds serve this government and walk freely.
As Activists, we are aware of the usual and evil plan of the regime to target, harass and silence patriots who demand accountability from the rogue regime.
We want to remind the regime that they are now worse than lan Smith. People can only take so much brutality and injustice. Your response to our peaceful protests encourages more protests. What do we have to lose?
To become the post 'Independence' black Smith? To make Zimbabwe a colony where some animals are more equal than others?
To all the activists within and without Zimbabwean borders, let not this injustice we are suffering at the hands of the Zanu(PF) regime deter you. Let us continue demanding good governance from this regime using all peaceful means enshrined in the Constitution. The courts and government are not on our side but the Constitution will never abandon us.
Activists are not enemies of the State but those who abuse the Constitution are enemies of the State.
*United ln Our Diversity for the love of Zimbabwe*
ZAA National Coordinator
Tendayi Lynnette Mudehwe

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