Monday 13 March 2017

Will Zanu PF allow Political Opposition, Or a New 5th Brigade?

Fadzayi Mahere is asking if the opposition is doing enough.The question should be, will opposition be ALLOWED to mobilize?
Please note that;
  • Opposition has begun door to door campaigns but find that they are being arrested.
  • Opposition launched radio advertisements for voter education on Star FM who were contracted to come and live-stream voter education nationwide. Star FM abruptly stopped broadcasting stating, allegedly, that the police told them to stop. So the paid for nationwide live broadcast never happened.
  • After the voter launch event buses carrying citizens from the launch where stopped, impounded and citizens had to walk home from Marimba Park to Dzivarasekwa. 
  • The bus drivers were then questioned for hours.Furthermore, there are numerous other incidents in which ZANU PF has opposition followed. 
  • Not only that, I have it on good authority that they are stalking opposition kids at school and opposition has said nothing about many of these incidences because they don't want to seem petty or be accused of making up stories or exaggerating.
So the question we should be asking is will Opposition be allowed to campaign or will they be attacked?
Recently a NERA team was followed by an UN marked car as they were conducting the mapping process. TZ youth where attacked by ZANU PF youth while cleaning in Chitungwiza. I guess they're not even allowed to clean now.
Tortured for Questioning Zanu PF and Mugabe
So when Fadzayi Mahere asks if opposition is doing enough to campaign maybe she can ask her father Stephen Mahere ZANU PF chef if Opposition WILL be allowed to practice their constitutional rights and be allowed to campaign and have freedom of press.
It's doubtful that she would ask THAT question as that will not fit in with her agenda.
What is worrisome about people like Mahere is the fact that they spend so much time critiquing Opposition and NEVER acknowledging the work Opposition is actually doing OR appreciating the difficult terrain SETUP by ZANU PF that makes opposition politics difficult in Zimbabwe. Opposition is not perfect but let us at the very least acknowledge the hard work some of them are putting in and the difficult hurdles ZANU PF puts in their way.
When your Father is a CIO and huge ZANU PF benefactor this does not necessarily mean that one follows the doctrine. However in this case the evidence is affirmative. Let's add the fact that just a few months ago Mahere was defending Zim papers owned by ZANU PF and a well known ZANU PF mouth-piece which is used to oppress people. Perhaps she was just doing her job - being morally corrupt would be the only crime here... Perhaps. Asked about her defense of Zim papers Mahere said it was her turn to take a case and after all she was doing her job. Anyone who knows anything about Zimbabwe knows you don't get to defend a ZANU PF entity unless you're vetted and acknowledged to be okay and after all she was paid by Zim papers so she was a direct benefactor of ZANU PF. Is it not hypocritical to benefit directly from a system you claim to be fighting whilst criticizing Opposition for not fighting that system enough?
There is more to come on Mahere and all you ZANU babies out there and it won't be stay tuned.
Nothing personal here, we are at war and there is no more time for pussy footing around dangerous personalities.
Besides, it's incumbent upon ZHRO, CZI, ROHR Zimbabwe, Zim Solutions [and all other groups] to furnish it's members with all the relevant information in order to truly find the political and practical response to our predicament.
Article thanks to Albie Matarutse

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