Monday 13 March 2017

ZANU PF cannot be defeated by ZANU level thinking

When the liberator becomes the oppressor!

by Rick Matsokotere

This one is for my fellow Zimbabweans. I seldom write or speak politics from my home country. This is because I live in the United Kingdom and have for a looong time. At first I thought I should be quiet about the Zimbabwe situation. After all, what stake do I have in that nation? I don't live there anymore.

But I had to rethink this hasty assertion. I am a son of that soil between the mighty rivers Zambezi and Limpopo and I have a right to speak in the only way in know how. With logic, reason and exposing the base level thinking of our leaders and by extension, our people. In fact, as an economically displaced Zimbabwean it is my duty to speak against the mob that runs Zimbabwe.

If you look carefully you will notice a few things about how our leaders think. ZANU thinks like a man motivated only by food and reproduction. The most basic of needs are what keep these men and women clinging to power in the most barbaric of manners. The way I see it, ZANU and Zimbabwean leaders cannot think beyond the motivations of an animalistic nature. They are like babies in old men bodies. The stimuli they respond to are only rudimentary.
Mugabe, complete with bib for his food: Tyrant in Chief

ZANU thinks in a lazy manner that cannot see the diamond in the rough which is our country. Let us consider the massive wealth of our country in terms of natural resources. Countries like China are buzzing around like vultures waiting to strip us clean because they understand the value of untapped resources.

They are creating high value jobs for their citizens, creating other industries back in their home countries, all by offering our government some cash and finished products. And these Neanderthals accept the bribes because they are too lazy to do the difficult mental work of developing our people so that they are able to mine for themselves.

Zimbabwe strikes me as a 37 year old woman who stopped developing mentally in her teen years. Her mental development was stopped in the 90s if you ask me. This is when we stopped thinking generationally about the children of the whole nation and ZANU began to rule with a mentality that only sought to protect its own.

Compare and contrast that to the older civilisations like Europe and America. Obviously these people have their own issues, after all what adult has it all figured out. But we want our children to grow up and become responsible adults nonetheless. George Washington, America's first president, was so loved by the people that they wanted him to extend his term. He however, argued that the whole point that they fought against the British for their independence was so that they would not be run as a fiefdom. Coincidentally he also raised the same argument when they wanted his son to rule in his stead.

While ZANU is still at the helm, things will continue to be in an immature state!

People need to rise who can put their minds to work to find solutions to our national problems that work. When enterprising minds are chased into exile or threatened into submission then the Zimbabwean system is failing to serve those it was designed to work for.

Only God can save Zimbabwe is a myth. God has already given us the tools to change our nation. We have minds and ingenuity. Spiritual experiences have to be channeled into services and products that provide real answers. Zimbabwe is one of the most churched nations in the world. But a "churchy" message is not enough.

Take a look at the example of Adam and Eve who had 2 kids. Cain killed Abel then Seth was given as the child of prophecy. Cain, the picture of the heathen went out and built a city for his son. His kids went on and discovered how to make tools, to mine, engineering, music and craft. All this time the church boy Seth and kids did not make significant breakthroughs.

Until Noah rose up as a church boy who could read detailed construction plans. He understood architecture and technical language. These are the types of Christians Zimbabwe needs to raise up!
Leaders must rise up who want to achieve things that go past political gain. The rule of law needs to come back to Zimbabwe so that investors and tourists come back. A business sector that operates in a free market once again. A legislature that is unbiased politically.

There are answers in us that need to be extracted through hard work and the dignity of labour. Someone needs to get into the laboratory and figure out how to fix up Kariba dam and our other reservoirs. ZESA issues can be solved by the brilliance in Zimbabweans mind. A viable political alternative can rise that will keep leaders honest.

Our population needs to grow up too. If we continue to be occupied by gossip and petty feuds, sexual escapades of the rich and famous, then we will be captivated by silly words spoken at rallies and some little scraps thrown our way.

Start to reason in a more mature way. Ask questions of your leaders. Question the motive behind everything.

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