Thursday 8 June 2017

How the Mugabe Clan Rules Zimbabwe

Too much reverence
State Capture: 

Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe. Grace Mugabe is the First Lady. Their influence can be felt in virtually all parts of the state where they have strategically placed their relatives in positions of authority. There are some well-known names, but the majority are not as well-known. They just eat quietly, courtesy of their high level connections.
The Mugabes' daughter, Bona Mugabe has recently been appointed to 2 boards of state institutions, the Censorship Board and the new Empower Bank. This is the first of bigger things to come.
Bona's husband, Simba Chikore was appointed last year as Chief Operating Officer at Air Zimbabwe, the struggling national airline.

Simba Chikore's brother, Derrick is part of a consortium involving the multinational company, Trafigura and its Zimbabwean subsidiary, Sakunda, which was corruptly awarded a ZESA tender to build a diesel power plant at Dema.

Patrick Zhuwao is the Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment - he is Mugabe's nephew, his mother, Sabina was Mugabe's sister. Sabina was buried at the National Heroes Acre.

Walter Chidhakwa is the Minister of Mines. He is also related to Mugabe through his mother's side.

The Deputy Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Innocent Matibiri, is Mugabe's nephew.

Sydney Gata is a former head of ZESA, the power utility. He is Mugabe's  brother-in-law, being married to Regina, Mugabe's only surviving sister from his father's second wife.

The head of ZINARA, the national roads utility, Albert Mugabe is Mugabe's nephew - his father, Albert was Mugabe's brother from his father's second wife.

Mugabe also has another nephew, Michael Mugabe, at the National Prosecution Authority where he's a Chief Law Officer. With Tomana under fire, he could soon rise through the ranks to occupy a more senior role while Mugabe rules.

Mike Bimha and Joey Bimha are brothers, the former is  the Minister of Industry and Commerce and the other is a senior diplomat and permanent secretary in the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Both are Grace Mugabe's close cousins. They come from the same village in Chikomba.

Grace Mugabe's cousin, Ruth, is married to Supa Mandiwanzira, who is the Minister of ICT. Grace and Ruth's mothers were close relatives.

The National Building Society is a subsidiary of NSSA, the state-owned national insurance body. Its former Chairman, Garmaliel Bwanya, is Grace Mugabe's cousin. His sister, Ruth, is Supa Mandiwanzira's wife.

Grace Mugabe also has a niece at the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC). Her name is Farai Mashonganyika and she is one of the Commissioners. Her mother and Grace were sisters.

Maxwell Ranga is Zimbabwe's ambassador to India. He is an uncle to Grace Mugabe. His father and Grace's mother were siblings.

Leo Mugabe appears to have fallen out of favour in recent years. At his peak in the 1990s, he was Chairman of ZIFA, the football association and owned a business that was awarded several lucrative tenders including a tender to construct a new airport terminal in Harare.

Another of Mugabe's nephews, Innocent was a director in the CIO until his death nearly 20 years ago. He was Sabina Mugabe's son and therefore a brother to both Leo Mugabe and PatrickZhuwao.

Reward Marufu, Grace Mugabe's elder brother was a senior officer in the CIO and a diplomat who at one time was stationed in Canada.

It has also been said that Mugabe is related to Ignatius Chombo, the Minister of Home Affairs and ZANU PF's Secretary for Administration.

This is just what is known.

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