Tuesday 27 February 2018

What Hope for Zimbabwe Now?

By Gibson Mberi - Human Rights Activist

Most who have been known to be thieves started off by stesling small amounts of money and maybe pick pocketing at a local market. The evil of the the ruling party ZANU PF started at a very high note with a lot of experience within the party members themselves.

The first known evil being the brutal act of the Gukurahundi which left many families broken, parent-less, speechless and terrified. It was an eye opener, the people of Zimbabwe were clearly shown the end from the beginning.

Ever since the cruel death penalty for the innocent Zimbabwean, death has never been a big deal for the ruling party. People have mysteriously disappeared for criticising the government, for speaking out, for exercising their rights as the children of Zimbabwe and for not attending the forced and illegal ZANU PF rallies. Even the failed asylum seekers who were returned to Zimbabwe some did not reach their destinations and to this date no one has been accountable.

Image result for morgan tsvangirai
Morgan Tsangirai Hospitalised on more than one occassion
Those in the Opposition Parties have been through a furnace of hell, beaten up and some dying in the process. Several times the images of the late 'father of democracy' Morgan Tsvangirai have been published in the local Zimbabwean papers when he was being physically abused beaten up and tortured simply for preaching peace, unity and democracy.

Many followers of democracy have in one way or the other been physically and emotionally shaken. The human rights activists like Itai Dzamara, to this date Zimbabweans live with the hope that one day he will be brought back in whatever state be it dead or alive.

Image result for itai dzamara
Image purportedly of Itai Dzamara shortly after his abduction
Itai dzamara was abducted on the 9th of March 2015 and as always been reported it was suspected that the Millitary Intelligence under the retired General and currently the Vice President of Zimbabwe Costantino Chiwenga took part in this evil act . Having mentioned all these crimes, its now the same suspects forcefully placing themselves in the highest positions of power and having been listed on the top reachest individuals in Zimbabwe. summing it up,

Zimbabwe is now under the Millitary rule. Zimbabweans will forever live in fear. For 37 years, the people of Zimbabwe have been so oppressed and hardily pressed from all ends, when shall those tears of our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters dry out?

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