Sunday 8 August 2021

Just How are Forced Removals Being Assessed in the UK?

 LBC Radio {London}, With David Lammy, dicusses the injustice of the Home Office and their 'notion' and [false] claim to rid the UK of criminals - meaning "Foreign Criminals" only. At least they are not shipping criminals to Australia - but let's not tempt fate!

The MP David Lammy is talking with Jamaican's who are scheduled for forced removal on the 11th August 2021 on yet another "deportation Flight".

LBC David Lammy MP 

4th August 2021 Zimbabwe Embassy - 72 people protest

No to forced removals of Zimbabweans. 

With 150 Zimbabweans now being detained for mostly just being in the complex asylum process. The British Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe appears to have targeted 50 forced removals per "flight". On what basis it is not clear.

The first 14 removed on an Air Bus A380 arrived in the capital Harare on the morning of the 22nd July 2021 and were mercilessly paraded by the Zanu PF sponsored State TV Channel ZBC.

This was clearly a propaganda exercise to "demonstrate" how fairly these first 14 will be treated. Future removals one suspects may not get this "red-carpet" treatment

Members of the two main political parties in Zimbabwe, namely MDCA [Movement for Democratic Change Alliance], ZAPU [Zimbabwe African People's Union], plus the Human Rights groups ROHR [Restoration Of Human Rights - Zimbabwe] and ZHRO [Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation], plus several Church Groups were encouraged to attend this and other demonstrations in the future to Fight the Mass Forced Removals of Zimbabwenas in the Diaspora.

Contributions by:

  • Vimbai Mamombe
  • John Burke
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  • ZHRO Marketing Team
  • ROHR Panyika Karimanzera
  • ROHR Nicholate Gwati

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