Monday 16 August 2021

Women 'In Power' why are you Silent?

Women in power please speak out.

By Vimbai Mamombe

Memory Machaya, a child who was giving birth

The death of Memory Machaya, a child who was giving birth at an Apostolic shrine in the Manicaland area of Zimbabwe has caused much a heart ache to mothers, women, and some men in Zimbabwe.
Mrs Auxilia Mnangagwa the wife of the current Zimbabwean president and the leader of the Zanu PF regime has not said a word in that regard. It’s just difficult to imagine a 14-year-old girl being violated by an adult man night after night after night. Imagining this will get any mother’s stomach to turn.
Where is Oppah Muchinguri and the many women who are in parliament who can defend the rights of the girl child. Memory Machaya is not the only girl to fall fate to these faith-based settings but getting her justice is symbolic and paves a way to the protection of the girl child. 

It has been said the matter is under investigation which it should be but there is no need for silence on such a matter. While investigations are said to be going on let’s begin to talk, lobby, advocate and send a clear message to paedophiles that this is unacceptable in the Zimbabwean community. Zimbabwean leaders, fathers, mothers that sit in parliament and have all these important tiles that have been bestowed on them by the people of Zimbabwe ‘how long will our girls be vulnerable and exploited in such ways’.

It is not new that a blind eye has been turned or feet are dragged to abuse of women under the Zanu PF watch. Many atrocious things have been done to women by the Zanu PF abusive machine. Noting Cecilia, Joanna and Netsai who were made to eat each other’s faeces and drink the other’s urine. One of the girls also had a gun shoved up their annal passage and off course there were police investigations, and no one was ever brought to book. Will justice then be served for this young girl.

The torture of Jestina Mukoko remains firmly on the Zanu PF watch and no one was ever brought to book. The killing of Mrs Chiroto remains very sad. Off course the police investigations never brought anyone to book.

 Mrs Mnangagwa herself is fully aware of how ruthless the Zanu PF system can be to women and this can be is signified by her conversation with General Murombo where she begged to have her life spared. The greatest plea to Mrs Mnangagwa is please stand up for the girl child and let justice prevail for Memory and the many girls who suffer abuse.

Women in Zimbabwe continue to be abused as they are the bulk of teachers, nurses and civil service who continue to offer their services for mere peanuts. Many women go to work in the Zanu PF led government and at the end of the month they cannot feed their families or pay their bills. The level of abuse in sad and it continues at an unprecedented rate. 

When are the women with influence in Zimbabwe going to make a change for other women that are less privileged to protect the future generation of women? 

The issue of women and girls abuses in Zimbabwe is a highly political matter and should be treated as such. It is political as the Zimbabwean government has been known to flex their muscles to protect their interests. They also need to flex their muscles and protect women and girls in Zimbabwe.

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