Wednesday 17 November 2021

Response to Dr Masimba Mavaza

By Vimbai Mamombe

It is very sad that Dr Masimba Mavaza continues to abuse and assault Zimbabwean women in the UK accusing them of not having a mind of their own to make political choices, opening their honey pots to John Burke in their numbers making them morally bankrupt and possibly stupid. 

Zanu PF continues to behave like a four-year-old with a sugar rush and a pistol in their hands indiscreetly shooting themselves in the foot. How does Zanu PF allow a man like Masimba Mavaza to speak on their behalf about the women of Zimbabwe in the diaspora is a complete disgrace. Dr Mavaza has no regard for Zimbabwean women running his mouth to abuse them verbally. 

Zanu PF has been known for years to seek to embarrass men who have opposed them by accusing them of sleeping with women a typical example being the disgraced Catholic Bishop Pius Ncube. His nude pictures were thrown all over the media just to humiliate him for opposing the Zanu PF agenda. 

Of course I will not spend time in this article defending John Burke but what I will highlight and condemn in the strongest terms that the pull factor for women to attend demonstrations is not John Burke’s sleeping habits! John Has opined his own responce here

This is completely absurd and can only come out of a narrow-minded brain and insipid stupidity. Honestly how can the success of the Glasgow protests be attributed to John Burke. By your inference Masimba Mavaza those women who turn up for Zanu PF functions who in your UK circles is bedding them. This is the folly and stupidity of your arguments. 

Masimba Mavaza, people are tired of Zanu PF human rights abuses, corruption, and election rigging. That is why many women turned up to protest in Glasgow. Most women who turned up in Glasgow were not even paid a dime to participate. 

Men like Masimba Mavaza throw such accusations to stop women from entering the political arena. Does being active in a political setting mean that one is being remunerated for it. So how much is an individual being paid to attend Zanu PF functions in the UK if that is the yard stick. Who in Zanu PF is the paymaster?

I am in disbelief that Zanu PF allows such nonsense to be penned on their behalf. 

Zimbabwean women turned up in Glasgow because they believe that Zimbabwe is suffering under the despotic rulership of the Mnangagwa administration. The Zanu PF establishment has turned into a cabal that is eating its own offspring and destroying the inheritance of future generations through maladministration, corruption, and self-serving deals. 

COP26 1st Nov 2021 Zimbabwean Protest

Mr Mavaza how much were you paid to write an article that parades narrow mindedness putting into question your ability to comprehend matters and sadder your attitude towards women. To you are women worthless tools that will do anything for a penny. Are you genuinely Zimbabwean? Please educate yourself about the work ethic of Zimbabwean women their abilities to work and fend for their families. Why are you painting ‘your sisters’, vana vevhu with such a dirty paint brush? Dr Mavaza please mind the Zimbabwean women and show them some respect. The last article you wrote was disgraceful. 

Masimba Mavaza I will refer you to the petition that was delivered to 10 Downing Street on 11/11/21 that is the reason was why many women took money from their own pockets and travelled to Glasgow to reiterate to Mnangagwa that they are not happy with his continued human rights abuse. 

Women from Zimbabwe love their country. 

Defending Mnangagwa is no measure for loving your country. It may show the opposite if one supports a despotic establishment and a president with a horrible human rights record shows that they are equally greedy and corrupt and will do anything for money. 

Masimba Mavaza you are a shame and a disgrace to the mothers, sisters, and girls of Zimbabwe. You cannot imagine the pain I feel as I write this because women have been degraded by Zanu PF. Shame on you Masimba Mavaza. 

Mr Mavasa if you want to help women in Zimbabwe please use your political influence to lobby the Zanu PF government to let Merry Chiwenga access medical treatment.

Further you could guide Zanu PF to build more maternity wards as the current maternity system is in a shambles. Not this misdirected energy you have against the Zimbabwe diaspora.

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